Detailed Views: Surreal

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of the still image; it’s a stark juxtaposition to the kinetics of the world around us. Still images may replicate the form of an object, but they lack the qualities that imbue their subject with life. My artwork is an attempt to render that quality, the life-force behind the form, instead of the form itself.

“Steps of The Drawing” is a video series that demonstrates the stages that go in to the creation of my digital designs. I start from either a painting or a sketch and then re-imagine the artwork within the digital space.

Below are the images and videos for three of them. For a full listing visit my YouTube channel.


These are the steps in my fan art drawing of Rihanna. I drew several of the Oceans 8 cast so check out the YouTube channel if you want to see them.


Below are the stages in my fan art drawing of Akane, the drummer of the Japanese rock band Band-Maid. There are several more fan art drawings of musicians on my YouTube site.

Maiden at the Heart of the Sun:

This is the central idea and illustration for a video game I am designing for Windows, “The Maiden at the Heart of the Sun”. For more info on the game itself check out the Game information Page.

Additionally, I have made videos outlining the creation of several of my original designs. The video of the above drawing, along with the videos of the other designs are on my YouTube site.