Indiegogo Campaign Launched

I’ve Started an Indiegogo page to help fund the development of this project, and you can check it out here:

The perks are pretty awesome, so check it out. Above are images of the t-shirt and the poster.

Tessa’s Ark is a Sci-fi RPG set in a world where humans exist as beings of pure thought, and perception defines the boundaries of reality. Navigate through a puzzle filled environment where the question of whether it exists at all remains to be answered. Decide what’s real and help Tessa escape to safety as she battles both the boundaries of human existence, and the limits of sanity.

Key Features:

  • Solve a series of ever evolving puzzles to navigate your way through the digital world.
  • Visual Novel Style presentation with RPG stat. tracking and leveling system.
  • Perception is malleable; decide what you want to believe is true and unlock different endings based on these beliefs.
  • Don’t just save the world, decide if it exists at all.

Visit Steam Store Page to invest in Early Access

Or check out the Demo in one of the Links at the bottom of the page:

Game Play Trailer:

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