Lift Tea

I spent years working in the package design industry, so I have developed an affinity for the process. I thought a good example of my abilities was to show the consistency needed to help develop a cohesive product line, which is not an easy task.  Here are some samples of my work organized by product type with a brief explanation of each.


Iced tea can design based around the idea of an abstract angel.


Wine label design based around the idea of Australian aboriginal artwork.

Jumping Fox

jfox master sbs

Iced tea label design inspired by American Indian designs.

Trip Hop

Beer labels inspired by a pun on a music catagories name and ancient mythology.

Heron Farms

Jelly label based on a drawing of an abstract bird.

Spazzy Kitty

Joke product inspired by my mother’s spastic cat.

Skull Grinder

Soda Labels inspired by an Industial\Heavy Metal theme.