Maiden at the Heart of the Sun

Maiden at the Heart of the Sun is a story about dealing with loss. When the Maiden is devastated by the loss of her best friend and pet hound, her Shield Bearer volunteers to lead a quest to find a cure for the hound’s ailments. She travels to the edge of the kingdom to speak with the two guardians of the realm, and find out if they know of any cure. The three then travel to meet the oldest and wisest creature in the universe, the Great Bear Ursa. Solve path based Puzzles to navigate your way through this fairy tale adventure, with art and story inspired by the planets and constellations.

The inspiration for the game is the old crossword and multi-puzzle magazines at the supermarket. The Maiden at the Heart of the Sun is a casual experience that you can play at your own pace, put down at any time and then pick right back up and play.  The path based puzzles are designed for casual play and can’t be won or lost, just complete them at your own pace.

Download the Demo at: