Bungle your way to infamy in a comedy RPG in the vein of classic 80’s movies like “Big Trouble in Little China” and “Goonies”. Set in the Easter Kingdom, the story follows the adventures of aging hero Danger Bill and his crew of Adventurers, as they uncover a plot that will shake the foundation of the Monarchy to the ground,… and return books to the library. Summon Mythical creatures like Skeletons (and Chickens??) to fight along side your adventurers.  Solve the mystery of the well read stranger’s untimely demise, and re-discover the hero the world remember’s you as.

The Demo of this game is available for download on Google Play store, and it is also playable through the link below. Sorry, no Apple native game right now, but it can be played through Safari on Ipad just fine. Enjoy!

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Click on the Link Below to play the game.


Play Danger Bill pt. 1 & 2 demo