Detailed Views: Fine Art

Realistic Art

Artwork is inherently an image of a single moment in time. Visual artwork is the representation of form without the elements that provide life. In my painting I try not only to replicate the way a subject looks, but to add that element of life back in to the work. One way I try to make them look alive again is to add the movement element back into the still images. The Flowers series of paintings are the representation of this idea, with the swirling brush strokes adding the feeling of movement back in to the still images.

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Aura Paintings

Another theme in my work is the representation of the human soul instead of just the replication of the human form. In my paintings I try to represent the human soul or chi; the force that imbues form with life. The soul is represented in the paintings with swirling patterns and lines, emanating from a cage of the human form. The souls not only fills the human form but also surrounds it with the force of life.

Aura Drawings

I also created a series of colored pencil drawings along the same theme.