Design Skills

Here is a partial list of my graphics skills. With my industry experience and broad knowledge base in traditional art, I can complete most tasks needing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop except print color correction. Color correction requires specialized equipment that is far to large and expensive for an individual to own.


General Design:

  • Pre-flight review of existing files to identify potential issues and either resolve the issues, or make suggestion to other departments to ensure proper resolution.
  • Create logos, web banners and other digital elements based on design intent, peer input, and marketing needs.
  • Adjust line weights and type sizes of existing graphical elements for appropriate use in multiple digital deliverable types and manufacturing processes.
  • Develop new artwork and brand line extensions based on existing customer artwork or corporate style guides.
  • Create typographic elements, and identify fonts based on printed or digital samples.
  • Review peer graphics files for overall quality and adherence to end user and printer graphics requirements, including line weight, type size, trapping and color rotation issues.
  • Create sketches and storyboards for designs, and develop final digital artwork from sketches and storyboards.
  • Develop info-graphics for internal instructional purposes and product design.
  • Design opacity and clipping masks for raster graphics elements and incorporate resulting image elements into vector-based final designs.
  • Create corporate style guides to ensure the continuity of corporate identities across multiple digital platforms and print formats.
  • Develop standard operating procedures, and train co-workers in best work practices.
  • Organize and prepare digital assets for archiving and cataloging purposes.
  • Skilled in various fine arts drawing and painting media.
  • Set up and install WordPress web sites, including setting up SQL, acquiring domain names and host space, formatting and cropping photographs and images, linking to social media web sites, and set up of e-commerce sections.


Mobile Design:

  • Use of the standard for creating mobile applications and games with Crosswalk cross-platform compatibility.
  • Registered Google Developer.
  • Use of WordPress web environment to create mobile friendly content for cross-platform use.
  • Creation of Privacy and Terms of Use Statements for legal purposes for use in both Web and Mobile applications.
  • Creation of applications in Android, iOS, and HTML 5 format for cross-platform functionality.
  • Use of Google AdWord,s AdSense, and AdMob to gain advertising revenue from mobile and web applications.


Print Design:

  • Design print-ready art for multiple processes including flexography, offset, and rotogravure.
  • Design artwork for surface and reverse printing processes on substrates including brown box and clay-coat corrugated board, SBS board, holographic and metallic laminated stock, clear and colored plastic, and shrink-wrap.
  • Resolve line weight and type size issues in digital designs for film output or digital plating processes based on printer specifications.
  • Develop print separations for foil stamping, cold seals, structural white elements embossing/debossing elements, and matte, gloss and tactile varnishes.
  • Evaluate digital designs for prepress needs, and adjust or create individualized trapping elements for each design.
  • Identify and resolve alignment issue(s) involving the cross-matched areas of folded designs or single-knife die cut areas on stepped layouts.
  • Create bleed and roll-over areas between different panels for folding artwork based on printer specifications.
  • Adjust the position of graphic elements for proper print-to-cut registration.
  • Create vector-based, physically accurate die shapes based on the specifications used to create the in-line cutting die, and ensure correct registration to the printed product.
  • Design stepped layouts with press marks for multiple print processes including rotogravure, offset, and flexography.
  • Engineer full-cylinder, continuous-repeat, die-cut layouts for rotogravure electro-mechanical engraving or digital etching processes including Ohio, Helio, and Schepers.


3D Visualization:

  • Create high resolution vector artwork from existing low resolution raster artwork, scans of existing printed products, or proofs of existing print separations.
  • Design, model, and render 3D visualizations of print products based on preliminary or final customer art.
  • Build 3D models based on photographs of real-world objects or diagrams of packaging die cuts.
  • Create 3D animations or VR simulations of potential product designs to highlight multiple perspectives, and troubleshoot graphical elements based on the compiled movie files.
  • Create layered, composite, photo-realistic images using 3D rendering software, advanced render layers, and raster-based graphics editing software.